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Smithsonian Marine Station

Smithsonian Marine StationThe Smithsonian Marine Station is a research center specializing in marine biodiversity and ecosystems of south Florida. The Station has been located in the Fort Pierce area since the early 1970's and is currently at 701 Seaway Drive in Fort Pierce. A public exhibit is located close by in the St. Lucie County Marine Center at 420 Seaway Drive.

Research focuses on the Indian River Lagoon and the offshore waters of Florida's east central coast, with comparative studies throughout coastal Florida, including the Florida Keys. The Station is part of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC and serves as a field station for Smithsonian scientists and collaborators and students from around the world who investigate the diversity of marine plants and animals and their associated habitats.

Information uncovered at the Marine Station is published in scientific journals and forms the basis for effective public policies and sustainable resource management. The Station does not yet have any funded projects associated with a response to the Gulf oil spill, but its long research history in Florida means that it is well-positioned to provide baseline information from which oil impact assessments can be made.


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