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Oil Spill Academic Task Force: Expert Finder

The Expert Finder Database is designed to help you locate researchers and scientists throughout Florida with expertise needed to assist with oil spill response and recovery. Experts are listed by university affiliation, or they can be searched for by specific area(s) of expertise.

Search the Expert Finder Database

Tips for Using the "Search" Feature

The areas of expertise are keywords that the researchers and scientists have specified to help you locate them. For best results:

  • TIP: Use single word searches for more results when using the "Search" feature. For example, a search for "fisheries" will produce a list of all expertise areas that contain the word fisheries (ie, fisheries, fisheries genetics, fisheries economics, fisheries policy, fisheries and ecosystem risk assessment, commercial fisheries, etc.).
  • TIP: Searching for the simplest form of a word will produce more results. For instance, a search for "toxic" will provide you with all expertise areas that contain the root word "toxic" (ie, toxicology, ecotoxicology, aquatic toxicology, toxic algal blooms, etc.)

Who is Listed in the Expert Finder Database?

The database is comprised of scientists and scholars from the Oil Spill Academic Task Force partner universities with expertise in areas related to the oil spill response and recovery. If you are a faculty member with one of the Task Force Partner Universities and wish to be entered into the database, please email oilspill@fsu.edu.


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