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Satellite and Remote Sensing Images

Gulf Oil Spill Creeps Towards Mississippi Delta (acquired April 29, 2010)

Gulf Oil Spill Creeps Towards Mississippi Delta

Oil Spill

Source for images: NASA Earth Observatory

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  • Formation of Methane Hydrates on Gulf Seafloor (.wmv video, 9.5 MB) - This video shows how methane gas seeping from the Gulf of Mexico seafloor interacts with the surrounding seawater to form icelike crystals called methane hydrates. BP officials say methane may have both caused the Deepwater Horizon explosion and prevented the containment dome from being able to successfully intercept the oil leak. Before the explosion, a methane bubble in the drill column may have expanded and burst several seals; during the containment attempt, methane hydrates formed on the sides of the dome, making it buoyant and clogging up the route through which the oil was supposed to be funneled to a surface tanker. This video footage was taken in 2009 by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) approximately 10 miles from the site of the Deepwater Horizon explosion. For more information, contact Oscar Garcia-Pineda (ogarciapineda@fsu.edu) or Ian MacDonald (imacdonald@fsu.edu).

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