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Nova Southeastern University

Oceanographic Center and Law School

Nova Southeastern UniversityNova Southeastern University and its NSU Oceanographic Center and the NSU Shepard Broad Law School bring expertise in a number of key areas to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Focus areas include:

  • Marine Biology and Ecology
  • Marine Food Web Dynamics
  • Benthic habitat mapping
  • Coral reef ecosystems science
  • Fish and Fisheries Science and Conservation
  • Marine Spatial Planning and GIS capacity
  • Satellite imagery assessment
  • Sea Turtles Effects
  • Legal and NEPA policy, water quality
  • Habitat Equivalency Analysis (HEA) for determination of compensation due to ecosystem injury
  • Economic impacts
  • Impact and Effects research of oil and dispersed oil on coral reef, seagrass, and mangrove ecosystems
  • Law, Torts, and Environmental Enforcement

NSU has ongoing monitoring programs of ecosystem health and dynamics, water quality, and current dynamics in southeast and south Florida. These sites are applicable to respond to spill impact analysis and longer term effects of the spill on marine organisms. Additional sites can be easily added.

A variety of small research vessels, diving expertise, and oceanographic observing equipment be brought to bear.

The following components of NSU would be involved:


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