OSATF Marine Ecology and Fisheries Assessment Scientists

Marine scientists on the OSATF Marine Ecology and Fisheries Assessment Scientists have tremendous expertise in a number of critical areas and their input is essential towards evaluating the scope of the problem and the remediation necessary to protect these highly productive waters.

Marine Ecology and Fisheries

A list of participating institutions and scientists appears below.

Community Ecology
Daniel Benetti dbenetti@rsmas.miami.edu Ofshore aquaculture, bottom sampling, water column samples for water quality UM
Mark Clark clarkmw@ufl.edu Plant Ecology UF
Maria Criales mcriales@rsmas.miami.edu Ecology, taxonomy, recruitment of shrimps in SF UM
Donna Devlin ddevlin@fau.edu Ran Oil Spill-Funded Center in Louisiana FAU
John Fauth jfauth@mail.ucf.edu Biology, Health Biomarkers of Coral
Reef and Estuarine Organisms
Richard Dodge (Nova Contact) dodge@nova.edu Coral Reef Ecosystems, Use of Dispersants Nova
Jim Fourqurean owner-halophila-list@fiu.edu Seagrass/Benthos FIU
Tamara Frank tfrank@hboi.fau.edu Deep-sea ecosystems, water column ecology FAU
David Gilliam gilliam@nova.edu Coral Reef Biology and Ecology, assessment, monitoring, and restoration Nova
Piero Gardinali piero.gardinali@fiu.edu Analytical Chemistry FIU
Elise Gornish egornish@bio.fsu.edu Plant Ecology, Barrier Island Vegetation FSU
Courtney Hackney c.hackney@unf.edu Extensive experience with oil spills on tidal marshes UNF
Ken Heck kheck@disl.org Marine Ecology, Seagrass Communities DISL
Rudolf Jaffe jaffer@fiu.edu Hydrocarbon dynamics FIU
Mike Heithaus (Main Contact) michael.heithaus@fiu.edu Marine Ecology FIU
Randall Hughes rhughes@bio.fsu.edu Biodiversity in Salt Marshes, Seagrasses and Oyster Reefs FSU
David Kimbro dkimbro@fsu.edu Ecological, Physical Influences on Ecosystem Services FSU
Brian Lapointe blapoin1@hboi.fau.edu Nutrient pollution, coral reef ecology FAU
Diego Lirman dlirman@rsmas.miami.edu Disturbance Ecology of Tropical Coastal Communities UM
Tom Miller miller@bio.fsu.edu Plant Ecology, Barrier Island Vegetation FSU
Margaret Lowman lowman@ncf.edu Ecology, ecological assessment, Ecological Society of America rapid response team NCF
Klaus Meyer-Arendt kjma@uwf.edu Environmental Studies, Coastal Reefs UWF
Dan Moon dmoon@unf.edu Coastal Biology, Wetland Ecology Impacts UNF
Marjorie Oleksiak moleksiak@rsmas.miami.edu Evolutionary genetics UM
Shirley Pomponi spomponi@hboi.fau.edu Sponges, deep water hard bottom ecosystems, coral reefs FAU
Ed Proffitt cproffit@fau.edu Impacts of Oil Spill on Saltmarsh FAU
Radha Pyati radha.pyati@unf.edu Environmental Chemistry UNF
John Reed jreed12@hboi.fau.edu Deep sea coral reefs FAU
Cliff Ross cliff.ross@unf.edu Stress biology, seagrass, coastal biology UNF
Michael Savarese msavares@fgcu.edu Marine Geologist FGCU
John Scarpa jscarpa1@hboi.fau.edu Oyster restoration, bivalve culture, tunicate culture FAU
Linda Walters pesacks@earthlink.net Biology/Ecology/Conservation/Restoration of Oyster Reefs and Associated
Large Scale Modeling
Bill Pine billpine@ufl.edu Quantitative Models to Assess Species Status and Recovery UF
Carl Fitz cfitz@ufl.edu Ecological Modeling UF
Carl Walters c.walters@fisheries.ubc.ca Ecosystem, Stock Assessment Models for West Florida Shelf, Northern GOM UF
Fish Ecology and Fisheries
Jerry Ault jault@rsmas.miami.edu Fisheries Models UM
Amy Baco-Taylor abacotaylor@cob.fsu.edu Benthic ecology, deep sea ecology, whale falls and chemosynthetic ecosytems FSU
Andrew Baker abaker@rsmas.miami.edu Coral reef ecology, climate change, coral-algal symbiosis, coral bleaching UM
Felicia Coleman
(FSU Contact)
coleman@bio.fsu.edu Fish Ecology, Fisheries Ecology, Habitat FSU
Robert Cowen
(UMiami Contact)
rcowen@rsmas.miami.edu Fish ecology UM
Kevin Craig kevin.craig@fsu.edu Fisheries, Bioenergetics, Hypoxia FSU
Leo Demski demski@ncf.edu Fish sensory ecology, sharks and bony fish physiology NCF
David Die d.die@rsmas.miami.edu Evolution of marine fishery and ecosystem management strategies UM
Crawford Douglas dcrawford@rsmas.miami.edu Evolutionary genetics UM
Lew Ehrhart lehrhart@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu +30-Year Data Sets of Juvenile Turtle Numbers on the Florida East Coast UCF
Ben Flower bflower@marine.usf.edu Benthic foraminiferal assemblages and sediment geochemistry, "sediment health" pre- and post-accident USF
Tom Frazer
(UF Contact)
frazer@ufl.edu Fisheries Ecology UF
Felimon Gayanilo gayanilo@rsmas.miami.edu Coastal/ocean observing data management UM
Heidi Harley harley@ncf.edu Comparative Psychology: Marine mammal behavior and cognition NCF
Mike Heithaus
(FIU Contact)
michael.heithaus@fiu.edu Sharks, Fish, Sea Turtles FIU
William Hogarth
(USF Contact)
billhogarth@usf.edu Fisheries USF
David Kerstetter kerstett@nova.edu Fisheries Nova
Marguerite Koch-Rose mkoch@fau.edu Nutrient cycling and primary production in
tropical marine ecosystems, as well as marine plant ecology and ecophysiology
Bill Lindberg, PhD wjl@ufl.edu Fisheries Ecology, Benthic Habitat, Behavioral Ecology UF
Diego Lirman dlirman@rsmas.miami.edu Disturbance Ecology, Seagrass, Corals, Macroalgae UM
David Mann dmann@marine.usf.edu Passive acoustics, fish spawning, marine mammals USF
Julie Morris (NCF Contact) morris@ncf.edu Gulf of Mexico fisheries management NCF
Debra Murie dmurie@ufl.edu Fisheries Ecology, Habitat Assessment, Population Dynamics UF
Peter Ortner portner@rsmas.miami.edu Marine Ecology, Fisheries, Coastal Zone Management UM
Craig Osenberg osenberg@ufl.edu Coral reef ecosystems, fish ecology, impact assessment UF
Daryl Parkyn dparkyn@ufl.edu Fisheries Ecology, Habitat Assessment, Population Dynamics UF
William Patterson wpatterson@uwf.edu Northern Gulf Fisheries UWF
Ernst Peebles epeebles@marine.usf.edu Fisheries USF
Mahmood Shivji mahmood@nova.edu Fish Nova
Su Sponaugle ssponaugle@rsmas.miami.edu Fish Ecology UMiami
Chris Stallings stallings@bio.fsu.edu Fish Ecology, Seagrass, Reef Ecology FSU
Gregory Tolley gtolley@fgcu.edu Marine Ecology/Fisheries - Oyster reef ecology, Zooplankton community dynamics FGCU
Toshi Urakawa hurakawa@fgcu.edu Microbial ecology FGCU
Aswani Volety avolety@fgcu.edu Marine Ecology/Fisheries - bioaccumulation of PAHs, pesticides and heavy metals in shellfish and their impacts FGCU
Don Behringer behringer@ufl.edu Benthic Ecology, Crustaceans UF
Sandra Gilchrist gilchrist@ncf.edu Invertebrate ecology and population dynamics, crustacean biology, coral genetics NCF
Don Levitan levitan@bio.fsu.edu Benthic Ecology, Invertebrate Populations, St. Joe Bay FSU
Sean Powers spowers@usouthal.edu Fisheries USA
Leslie Sturmer lnst@ifas.ufl.edu Fisheries, Shellfish Aquaculture UF
Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Michael Abazinge michael.abazinge@famu.edu Bioremediation FAMU
Joe Boyer joseph.boyer@fiu.edu Water Quality FIU
Jane Caffrey jcaffrey@uwf.edu Estuarine Ecology, Biogeochemsitry UWF
Dale Casamatta dcasamat@unf.edu Phycology and microbial ecology UNF
Jennifer Cherrier (Main Contact) jennifer.cherrier@famu.edu Marine biogeochemistry, oil biodegradation FAMU
Ashvini Chauhan ashvini.chauhan@famu.edu Environmental biotechnology, microbial ecology, biodegradation FAMU
Rex Ellis rexellis@ufl.edu Subaqueous Soils UF
Ping Hsieh yuch.hsieh@famu.edu Wetland biogeochemistry FAMU
Patrick Inglett pinglett@ufl.edu Stable Isotope, Nitrogen, Carbon Biogeochemistry UF
Charles Jagoe charles.jagoe@famu.edu Environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology FAMU
Wade Jeffrey wjeffrey@uwf.edu Microbiology, Oceanography UWF
Kanika Inglett kanika@ufl.edu Microbial Enzymes UF
Joe Lepo jlepo@uwf.edu Microbiology, Oil Biodegradation UWF
Joel Kostka jkostka@ocean.fsu.edu Microbial Ecology, Plankton Communities, Water Column Biogeochemistry FSU
Ai Ning Loh anloh@fgcu.edu Marine chemistry - Organic Geochemistry FGCU
Andy Ogram aogram@ufl.edu Microbial/molecular Biology, Biotic Degradation of Organic Compounds UF
Todd Osborne osbornet@ufl.edu Coastal Wetlands and Biogeochemistry UF
Matthew Schwartz mschwartz@uwf.edu Hydrology, Biogeochemistry UWF
Ramesh Reddy krr@ufl.edu Biogeochemistry UF
Cliff Ross cliff.ross@unf.edu Cellular mechanisms of stress response in coastal organisms UNF
Richard Snyder
(UWF Contact)
rsnyder@uwf.edu Biogeochemistry UWF
Max Teplitski maxtep@ufl.edu Microbial/Molecular Biology, Toxic Algal Blooms UF
John Thomas thomas@ufl.edu Abiotic Degradation of Organics UF
Katie Walstrom walstrom@ncf.edu Biochemistry NCF
Plankton Ecology
Thomas Frazer frazer@ufl.edu Zooplankton UF
Amy Hirons hirons@nova.edu Marine Biology, Ecology, Food Webs, Plankton Nova
Chuck Jacoby cajacoby@ufl.edu Plankton/Zooplankton Ecology, Estuarine Water Quality UF
Michael Parsons mparsons@fgcu.edu Plankton ecologist FGCU
Ed Phlips phlips@ufl.edu Phytoplankton Ecology, Benthic Algae, Water Quality UF
Akshintala Prasad prasad@bio.fsu.edu Diatom Systematic, Freshwater and Coastal Algal Blooms FSU
Michael Wetz mwetz@fsu.edu Plankton Ecology, Biogeochemistry of Coastal Waters FSU
Wildlife Rescue
Karen A. Bjorndal bjorndal@ufl.edu Wildlife Rescue, Sea Turtles UF
Ruth Francis-Floyd
(Wildlife Contact)
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Wildlife Rescue UF
Denise Petty pettyd@ufl.edu Wildlife Rescue, Fish Health UF
Roy Yanong rpy@ufl.edu Wildlife Rescue, Fish Health UF

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